Should we buy a new or old home in Utah

Should we buy a new home in or old home Utah? That is a good question.

The older a house the more maintenance it will need. If the plumbing is 35+ years old you know it will not last as long. Cooper is consider the best for plumbing.

Next, Look at the electrical system. Is it modern or is it so old and outdated it could actually be a fire hazard? How old are the heating and a/c systems? Look at all the appliances.  If they are over 15 years of age it means they eat up lots of  energy compared to todays models, which are energy star rateed. It is often less expensive to trash an older furnace than it is to use it.

Another item you will want to look at are the walls. What are the walls made of? 2×4, 2×6, block, plain brick. ? The thicker the walls are (if insulated) the cheaper the heating will be in the future.

How thick is the insulation in the attic r21-r25? What are the r-values of all the insulation in the house? What about the the windows. In Utah you will need the best because of the cold winters.

Are the windows modern, are they double pane, have the special coatings that make them more energy efficient?
If you buy a very old house (pre 1970) in Salt lake city Utah,  it could still not be insulated. If it is insulated it might not be well insulated at all. Unless everything has been renovated already it likely will need redoing soon.

Many of the Old houses in Utah may also have asbestos, lead paint, Mold, drafts, rot, and some may have termite damage. The flooring, the plumbing, the furnace and everything else.  Just make sure your offer a that home is much lower than a new one as you will be paying more in many ways for the old house. This includes more for house and fire insurance for a house made before the mid 80’s. Make sure you have a utah realtor who has been around the selling homes in the area for at least 10 years or who is native to Utah. can help you find these type of local Utah real estate agents.