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This website gives you the tools, information and listings to make your home buying process a success. We just don’t provide you with a search, we match you up with a professional licensed agent in Utah to help you find your dream home. Moving into a town or relocating to Utah can be a real pain when you don’t know the area or anyone.  We provide you with free screenings of locally trusted Utah real estate agents. With so many homes to choose from why not hire the best agent in Salt Lake City and to let SaltLakeCityMLS.com help you in finding that licensed agent. The cost for our service is free.

Real Estate agents in Utah, if you have lived in Utah your whole life and have at least 5 years experience selling homes  in Utah and have sold at least 75 homes please contact us and we will review you for a listing on our site. You must not of ever had a complaint on you in your entire career as an agent to qualify. We only take the best real estate agents for our service, if you think you qualify drop us an email.

Note: SaltLakeCityMLS.com is a free Real estate listing service. We are not real estate brokers, we put you in touch with the top real estate agents in Utah so the process of buying or selling a home is easy on you.