5 Best Home Refinance Loans in 2013

The 5 Best Loans for Home Refinancing

  1. Conventional Loan with No Mortgage Insurance
  2. 15-Year FHA Refinance Loan
  3. Refinance with a 100% VA Mortgage
  4. Cash Out Refinancing to 85%
  5. No Cost Mortgage

You need to contact a lender and discuss your housing situation. They will be able to give you the choices that you have for refinancing your home, no matter what your situation might be. You can get lower mortgage refinance rates in many cases, which will allow you to save money on your mortgage payments. Of course, being able to lock into a fixed rate for 15 or 30 years is also another reason to consider refinancing. It just makes sense because there is not going to be another time like this when rates are so low. The 30-year fixed rate mortgage is the safest bet if you are not sure whether or not you will be moving anytime soon.