Tips on Hiring a Local agent

5 Tips How to Choose a successful Real Estate Agent in Salt Lake City Utah

1. The better real estate agents in Salt Lake city Utah have success selling homes in the neighborhoods in where the agents live with in 15 miles of where they live.

2. Look for agents that have no less than 5 years experience and that are native to Utah. Why work with a non-native agent when buying a home. This is one of the biggest purchases in your life. If you find an agent that has lived in Utah their whole life then you can be comfortable knowing that they will all know all the areas from Salt Lake City, Sandy, Draper, Sugar house, West Jordan, South Jordan, Midvale, Murray and Holladay. All are with in 10-15 miles of each other.

3. Ask the real estate agent in Utah how homes they have sold in this tough market in 2010 and 2011 market.  View the current Utah real estate market statistics.

If it is more than 15 and even 20 then you have found your Real estate agent. At we have this list of agents that have sold more than 15 during the past year.

Some Real estate agents often have a full page ad in the local home classified magazines listing houses grouped in one area. Some agents have many homes listed and try to sway you towards buying the homes they have listed. If you find this happening just run from this type of agent. They don’t have your best interest at heart.  Part timers and unsuccessful agents only sell about 5-8 homes a year. Not many at all for a full time agent. Again look for the agent that has at least 15 homes sold in a year.

Where to look for Real estate agents

4. The best source are the people you know. Or if your moving out of town or relocating to Utah, then let find an agent for you.  Let them pre-screen an agent for you. Or use our contact form to hire or talk to an agent. Save your time and work with a professional local agent.

You want a real estate agent in Salt Lake City who is professional, aggressive, and that maybe sells at least 1 or 2 homes a month.  You may want to stay away from  the larger firms as most agents at those firms have big quotas. Ask the real estate agent to show you all the state required disclosure forms so you know ahead of time all your rights. You don’t want any surprises later on. As I mentioned before, make good use of online sites such as this one at to help you locate a real estate agent based on their background, experience, local sales, commission rates and more. Let unbiased sites such as this send you reviews of agents.

Choose a Real Estate Agent that has the right personality

5. Your relationship with your Real Estate Agent can turn bad from lack of communication. Make sure the Real Estate Agent your hire gets back to you daily. Or at least will take you out on some tours of the the homes in Utah to get a good understanding of what you and your family is looking for.

Do you have anything in common with the agent. Does that agent Ski, fish, or know any of the outside local areas besides Salt Lake City. Knowing the area of Salt Lake city is the number 2 reason on hiring a real estate agent in Utah. Experience being number 1 of course. But for example if you own a boat find a agent who knows the areas of all the lakes in salt lake city, such as Jordanale, Strawberry, Lake Powell, Lake Utah. etc. Having something in common will make buying the process much more enjoyable.

A bonus tip – The top thing a client can do for an agent is to give them a written list of all your house buying criteria. Make sure your real estate agent knows every last detail of what type of home you are looking for in Salt Lake City.  For this will save you both time and money.